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The most annoying thing EVER and what I can do to stop it.

Okay so the biggest pet peeve I have, and I’m confidant to say that like 90% of you are victim of this, is pouring syrup improperly! I should be a professional syrup pourer! Any one who knows me knows I CAN’T STAND IT when people don’t know how to pour syrup. Seriously though, how hard is it? It amazes me to think how humans, who are so smart and capable of so much, can’t get something as easy as pouring syrup. I know it’s a sticky substance, more so than juice or water, and theres a tiny little hole that could offer some challenges, but come on! If we can go into space, paint beautiful works, play abunch of instruments and understand music, build robots, perform heart surgery on people, ect., THEN WHY CAN’T WE POUR SYRUP!?!? I watch people pour it and I see how careless every one is. It’s almost as if people enjoy being complete and utter slobs. Like when we were small children, some of us liked making a mess, but we’re adults now and it just seems like with syrup, everyone still has the same sloppy behavior and makes a big mess, like it’s fun to get syrup all over the cap. I just don’t understand. I’ll explain:

Step 1: You don’t need to tip the entire bottle upside down (give maybe if there’s only a little tiny bit left, that’s a whole different technique, not even going to talk about that right now). It will come out, secondly you don’t have to squeeze it like you’re trying to kill it. First, depending on how new the syrup is, I’m assuming about 3/4 full, just hold the bottle parallel with the surface, then if needed tip it just a little bit, like 3, 4 degrees. At this point the syrup still may not be coming out; it’s okay! IMPORTANT NOTICE: If the syrup is brand new! DO NOT hold it parallel, in that case, just tilt it about 10 to 15 degrees….

Step 2: Ever so slightly, squeeze it very gently, you will get a nice even flow of syrup. Brace yourself, you may have never poured syrup like this before! You can move your hand around while keeping the same amount of even pressure on the bottle. All around the plate, la de da, syrup syrup (see. you can still have fun with it)

Step 3: Here’s the tricky part, when you find you have enough and want to stop pouring, just stop squeezing. SO MANY people make the mistake of just radically jerking the bottle up thinking the syrup will stop, neatly, but does it ever? Nope. That is how my technique is different (better). So stop squeezing. If you’ve done everything right up until this point, the syrup should stop flowing out of the hole, but never fear, if it is still going for some reason, just stop squeezing and SLOWLY tilt the bottle up to it’s upright position (not jolting it out of fear!) Slow really is key in this instance. This prevents ANY syrup from getting on the entire cap, or bottle. My entire bottle is clean! Yes, I’m that good! You can be too! No sticky-ness that is disgusting to touch or worse yet, trying to fight opening the cap because it is  so solid on there that it acts as a glue. I don’t have that problem, and you no longer have to suffer either!

If you just try my technique I can’t get mad, even if you do get a little it of syrup on the cap or bottle, just clean it up and keep practicing. At least you’re making an attempt. You will eventually get it. Remember, don’t be nervous. When my friends are using my syrup, they know I’m watching them very intently, I think it makes them nervous, then they end up making a mistake and getting syrup on the bottle. Just trust yourself and have faith that you will do it correctly. If you try really hard NOT to make a mess, you won’t. Pass this on so we can make the world a better place. Teach your children the right way to pour syrup. Maybe eventually the whole world will pour syrup the right way. What a beautiful day that will be.


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