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A new type of communication

The other day I was talking with my mom about music, she doesn’t know a whole lot on the subject, no more than most people, little black dots on lined paper that make rhythms and is then called a song. Some may know a little more or less. But I was onto something with music theory and was trying to the best of my ability to relay the information to her, so she would understand. Then, something amazing happened. It wasn’t just inventive listening, although that’s what most people would call it, instead our minds really connected, she understood what I was saying even knowing next to nothing about music. It was because she was listening the way she was. It’s really quite difficult to explain but from that point we were both amazed and decided to explain this weird phenomenon of listening. It was hard to come up with the right sentence structure so I began to just write random words that described the energy we were feeling. Now that I have this big brainstorm of words, I’m going to try to make something of it: When someone is trying to communicate something not so easy to another, all they have to do is lock into one another. For one thing, the person receiving the information must have a desire to hear it, otherwise nothing will work, if they truly want to understand they try harder to understand; simple concept. And of course, the person explaining must be serious and enthusiastic so the listener doesn’t become bored. Two main guidelines.

K, so then our heads connected.  Her open imaginative intelligent  mind followed me, trusted me that my words would lead her to another place, where she would visualize what I was saying. We both focused on the thoughts, not only on the same page, but on the same line and everything, if you get my metaphor! We were mentally sharing the same ideas. At the time this seemed so huge, because we were both so involved, truth be told I’ve never connected with anyone like that before, I can’t wait to do it again, especially that now that I have experienced that, I know our minds are capable of so much more! When someone is so focused on what I’m saying, something amazing happens. Or maybe next time I will be the listener and someone else will be the speaker explaining something complex to me, and I will understand EXACTLY what they are trying to portray to me. I know this doesn’t sound that great but it really was! Alright so it was my mind and her mind took a trip up up to higher conscientiousness, the place of infinite possibilities. Our minds created a bridge to one another. Everything ever created, everyone’s beliefs and thoughts (shaped by society) was below us for a couple of moments, as long as it took to establish this subject. Under the bridge linking our minds together was a waterfall of all the things I was saying. Like all waterfalls, it had mist, the mist, I like to think, represented the ideas and concepts we absorb from mentally sharing these ideas. My mind took it even farther and pictured little fearies flying around in the mist and in the waterfall that represented little subthoughts we would encounter from just saying words, for instance, at one moment I said pause, as I tried to gather my thoughts so I could better explain and then a sub_though came into my mind that said need a twix, because I wrote the two lines for the pause symbol and it reminded me of the twix commercials and then I wrote as if replying, “yes.” That was a sub-thought. Then we remembered exactly what we were saying. Our minds were so competent and able to keep up with each other. Of course this feeling had to come to an end, I had all these words written on the paper and had to do something with them, so this is it. A new kind of communication!


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