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About Amcloo

I’m in the prime of my youth: Just Graduated High School! I’m so happy high school is over with and can’t wait to see what all this summer is going to throw at me! I’m going to sing and dance in the summer sun, enjoying the energies offered to me from others and ultimately just having fun. I’m looking for employment, gonna get some wheels, and saving up to buy a Horn. College is going to be great, I can’t wait to meet new and interesting people, to further explore myself and others, to dive deeper into this physical world and of course, to follow by heart and soul into my desired area of expertise: Music! It’s going to be a great journey. At the same time though,  I’m all about embracing the moment. To make sure I’m not getting too caught up in the day to day grind of life. Amazing things are happening right now, wouldn’t want to pass them by or lose sight of what’s really important!  I like to write so I figured I’d start a blog. I’m a positive person  and want to inspire people. Read on!


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