Wow! What a movie. I loved this movie which can come as a surprise to some of you, normally I don’t like action/adventure films but this one was so suspenseful! It was also very original which I respected seeing as how nowadays just about every possible plot of a movie has been thought of and redone 5 times! It was nice to finally see something new! This movie got me thinking about the subconscious and what not, so good!  It had all of the necessary components for a great film! The acting was great and I can’t wait to see it again!



This movie is incredible! It can be kind of confusing, took me twice to figure out what really happened. I don’t think a better actress or actor could have played Sandra Bullock’s character, she did a marvelous job playing the paranoid person that only she knew what was going on, and the the strong emotion that accompanies fear and confusion. Such a good movie! It’s possible that this movie gives my second favorite movie a run for its money (in other words could move up my second favorite movie).

Julie & Julia

What a lovely film! A Very original idea! I absolutely loved the personalities and roles played in this movie! They were so different and made me forget about all my flaws in my own personality. I wish I could be as happy as Julia Child! She was so strange. I also wish I could be as easy going and giddy as Julie, though she was tried during the movie, her overall personality was very likeable! The passion she put into cooking was enjoyed, even shared! I enjoyed the whole movie through. I couldn’t help but smile and hum come the end of the movie.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

A very complex number! I can easily say this is my favorite movie. It took me three times through before I really grasped the true essence of the movie. I felt the roles were excellently played and portrayed by the selected celebrities! Jim Carrey, as always, was very good at expressing such emotions. This film changed my perspective on life. It is by no means your average or typical movie, it’s very unique and hard to understand but once you do, it’s miraculous!