My music, my passion, my LIFE

Every once and a while there will be a piece of music, within that piece I find the most dazzling form of content. I literally lose myself within the piece. It is wonderful and it has happened to me a mere two times in my music career (just to give some perspective as to how rare it is for me). That’s not very many but I’m glad it doesn’t happen too often because it makes it more of an extraordinary experience when it does happen. So what is this feeling like you ask? I am not thinking about anything else. Everything around me isn’t there, all my worries no longer exist for a few slight moments. It is just me and the music. I look at the sheet of paper with all the little dots and lines and the unique pattern each makes. Playing is no longer a challenge, it just flows out of me like my nature. There is just me, my instrument and the music. I connect very deeply with the sounds I’m making. Nothing could make me quit playing. In that moment I have one objective: to make those little black notes dance across the page. I become one with the music. I close my eyes, I have goosebumps and I cry but not tears that belong to any one type of emotion, just tears, empathetic tears for the music and maybe just a hint of how overwhelming the feeling is, I CAN PLAY! I call them tears of music. Now remember, this doesn’t happen all the time, just once in awhile when there’s that perfect little piece that just touches me in that unique way. It’s very personal and it is why I really decided to play music for the rest of  my life, this feeling was so good I thought “this is what I am made to do!” If I could do this as a career why would I wanna do anything else! Gosh that moment, that moment is why I play music. I am assuming any other musician out there has or will experience something similar. Such a personal moment. I hope everyone has the opportunity to experience something like that in their lifetime, whatever it is you do may you find the same passion as I do in my music!